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—  Coffee Corner —

Please ask our barista what special flavors are available for you!


Bean-Free Beverages

—  Homemade Chai Latte  —
Our Homemade blend of cinnamon, cardamon, cloves and vanilla come together with milk to form a comforting balance of spices unlike any other.  

—  Hot Tea  —
An assortment of teas that range from mild chamomile to robust English breakfast. Enjoy our rotation of teas while sitting on the deck or having lunch in the lobby. 

—  The Fluffy  —
Our take on a hot chocolate but with many more flavors! Steamed milk in the flavor of your choosing, poured into a mug with a layer of fluffy foam on top!

—  Iced Tea  —
Enjoy a brisk bottomless cup of either sweetened or unsweetened iced tea.

—  Bottled Juices  —
Orange, Apple and Cranberry Juice bottles


—  Pemberton Coffeehouse Blend  —
Bottomless cup of coffee that perfectly blends Rain forest Alliance certified coffees from Costa Rica with the richer creamier Ethiopian coffee to create a mild nutty flavor with a rich body and hints of floral and berry notes in a dark-medium roast.

—  Coffee of the Week  —
Whether it is single origin or a blend, our coffee of the week is bound to open your senses to a new wave of coffee notes

—  Cafe D'Ollo  —
A Sweet cinnamon coffee with hints of chocolate that will warm your heart and your hands. Enjoy this taste of Mexico that is like no other.

Espresso Yourself!

Steamed Milk Drinks


—  Cafe Latte—
A single of espresso blends together with your choice of milk and flavors to create an artful masterpiece in your cup. Hot or Cold, it is a treat!

—  Cafe Moccha  —
A creamy shot of espresso with chocolate syrup, steamed milk and foam served with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle

—  Cappuccino  —
An 8 oz drink made with a double shot of espresso served with approximately 3 oz and topped with a fluffy layer of foam. 

—  Espresso Macchiato  —
A light layer of steamed milk and dense cloud of foam placed directly into an espresso cup with creamy espresso extracted directly into the demitasse

—  Contemporary Macchiato  —
A 12 oz beverage with a single shot of espresso, your choice of syrups and whipped cream   

Espresso Drinks


—  Pemberton Cafe Americano —
A single or double shot of espresso combined with 0f piping hot coffee for an extra kick! (Classic Americanos made with hot water are available upon request)

—  Cafe Zorro  —
A creamy double shot of espresso with added piping hot filtered water in a 1:1 ratio

—  Espresso Romano  —
A double shot of espresso served with a slice of lemon.