Coffee Couture

Pemberton Coffeehouse Single Origin Roasts

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Coffee couture

Pemberton Coffeehouse offers single origin coffees in our "Coffee Couture" line.  

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El Salvadorian : Medium Roast

BioKrop Project is an initiative of various single-origin specialty coffee microlots managed and administered by TIERRA BENDITA S.A. DE C.V. as producer and exporter across the six mountain regions of Elsalvador, Central America. Common denominator and value-added guarantee is that all of our small and medium size coffee estates share the same principle and philosophy of giving the earth a agroecological, biodynamic, and ancestral maintenance with focus on soil recovery, fertility and water conservation in benefit of all the communities.


Moccha : Yemen

Most mocha drinkers know the hot beverage to be a mix of chocolate syrup, or powder with coffee, but to coffee connoisseurs - that is the equivalent to a fake Louis Vuitton bag! We are carrying the real thing! True Mocha from the port city of Mokha, Yemen, in all of its natural chocolate flavoring. This small, dense been packs a rich chocolate punch.


Jimma: Ethiopia

Have you heard the story of Kaldi the goat herder and his frolicking herd? The famous Ethiopian legend tells the story of Kaldi who noticed how excited his sheep became after eating fruit from a certain tree. Curious, Kaldi tried the fruit. Soon he was bursting with energy. After watching the odd behavior of Kaldi and his herd, a monk took some of this strange cherry fruit back to his monastery where monks spent the night awake and alert. Kaldi is often credited as the first person to discover coffee.

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Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony 

Traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremonies are a ritual of daily life in Ethiopia and we are bringing that centuries old tradition right to your local coffeehouse. See coffee roasted, ground and steeped right before your eyes.