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Bringing Quality & Comfort to Local Cuisine Since 2011

Welcome to the Newly Reopened Pemberton Coffeehouse.  Opened originally in August 2011, Pemberton Coffeehouse very quickly became a space that was near and dear to the community in Salisbury and beyond.  Over the years, Pemberton Coffeehouse thrives as a venue for locals to meet over a nice cup of coffee and a pastry. Our cozy corner of Delmarva proudly showcases local produce, pottery, ice cream, cheeses, arts and crafts. 

It has grown to host events large and small, from children's birthday parties to weddings and everything in between.  


To provide the highest quality experience of local and international coffee cultures in a way that reflects the most talented artisans that the Eastern Shore has both cultivated and attracted.

What makes us different?

As an venue that was reopened by customers, for customers, we have taken strides to reflect a customer driven focus that is unmatched by any other.  We are owned by Pemberton Coffeehouse customers and we want the interests of the community to be represented in every decision made and every service offered to our fellow patrons. We are proud to highlight the best and brightest on and around the Eastern Shore and so we have added these community centered features to our local alcove:

  • Community Gallery - We invite all local artists to present their family-friendly and modest artwork on our wrap around porch. you will find a collection of local visual artists' pieces that have been masterfully created on various mediums. Are you an artist interested in displaying some of your work? Stop by with your pieces and let us work together to put it on display!

  • Baking Incubator - We are offering our space to local bakers who have a business plan that they hope to see realized here on the Eastern Shore. Our "Incubakers" are talented local folks that we bring into our bakery and walk them through the process of baking in a commercial kitchen. We allow them to bake in our kitchens at no cost to the Incubakers and present their pastries to our patrons to get real-time feedback on their products.

    100% of the profits gained from bulk ordering of their products go to the bakers and they use the opportunity to build their clientele. We hope to help our Incubakers transition into the next phase of their business plan (be it a brick and mortar space or a food truck) within a year.

  • Musician Showcase - Music for Music's Sake - The Eastern Shore is ripe with talented musicians. We have organized a group of musicians representing different genres to create a space where music is appreciated for the talent and skill that it has taken to develop it. Musicians are able to truly showcase their musical dexterity to an audience who appreciate the practice and heart that has gone into developing it.